8 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales in 2023

8 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

Disruptive technologies have had a significant impact on the real estate market during the last few decades. The current COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the need for a more modern and digitised real estate business strategy.

In 2022, the real estate purchase process will experience rapid innovation, whether it’s browsing MLS listings on a real estate aggregator website, qualifying for a loan through online banking, or taking virtual tours. This trend is likely to continue past 2022.

Here, we’ll go through 8 of the most efficient web marketing methods for moving your company forward and making it future-proof.

Concentrate on real-estate-friendly social media channels.

You’ll need to decide on a platform that works best for your real estate firm before you start communicating with your target audience on social media. Not every social media platform is right for everyone, and being active on all of them isn’t a good idea 

It takes some trial and error to figure out which platform is ideal for your company. Experimentation, on the other hand, can be time-consuming.

To attract leads, provide home valuations.

To attract leads, provide home valuations

Include a home valuation landing page on your website so that potential homeowners can get a free estimate of how much their home will cost. You can obtain the user’s contact data in exchange for this information.

Instant valuation and delayed valuation are the two sorts of house valuation landing pages you can develop. You’ll need to create one as well if you want a fast appraisal. You may either employ a specialist developer to build a custom tool to integrate them directly into your website. 

To provide an estimate in a delayed appraisal, you must go above and beyond and inspect the property. Experiment with both ways to find which one produces the best results for you.

To achieve visibility, use Facebook advertisements.

To achieve visibility, use Facebook advertisements

Facebook advertising is a valuable resource, particularly in the early stages of your real estate social media marketing when organic reach is limited. You may gain a head start on Facebook by running some highly targeted ads. 

The return on investment from Facebook advertisements is remarkable, with a conversion rate of 1 to 1.5 percent if done correctly.

Facebook advertisements are expensive, and cultivating your Facebook leads takes time. Given these expenditures, you’ll want to make sure your advertising is laser-focused on a certain audience. 

On Facebook, though, targeting isn’t a concern. In reality, according to a study, Facebook ads can be tailored to a specific person.

Responsiveness and website navigation

Responsiveness and website navigation

Users will bounce off your website if it is not responsive and easy to navigate, and you will lose leads and sales as a result. A mobile-first strategy is a way to go.

 In addition, Google prefers responsive sites in their search crawling, so you’ll likely rank higher than sites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Improving page load time, ensuring that your website’s design adjusts well to smaller tablet and phone screen sizes, and ensuring that any pop-ups you employ on your site aren’t blocking anything crucial are just a few more methods to improve your website’s user experience. 

Breadcrumbs can be placed at the top of your page to assist users in navigating your site with a single click.

Use your social media accounts to share instructional content and guides.

Most realtors who use Facebook or Instagram to market their business have a default mindset of posting content that generates leads. While this is critical, it does not address customers who have already purchased or are utilizing your services. 

You should share information that helps you nurture your existing clients just as much as you should develop content that creates new leads.

Educational pieces and guides are a terrific method to accomplish this because they answer issues and concerns that your current customers and followers may have. They help you establish yourself as the go-to expert for all of their questions in the process.

Use live videos to promote your listings.

Take our word for it, but don’t take it from us. Your customers are the ones that are interested in watching your films. Buyers and sellers prefer to work with real estate agents who use video as part of their real estate social media marketing plan, according to 85 percent of buyers and sellers. 

Real estate listings with videos also generate 403 percent more leads than those without.

Selling a house is a visual experience. If you don’t make videos, you’re squandering your money. When it’s life, however, video is even better. The good news is that Facebook and Instagram both support live video.

Use DMs and email to stay in touch with your contacts.

It’s a people business in real estate. According to the study 2021, 68 percent of sellers obtained a real estate agent through a reference, neighbour, or relative, or employed an agent with whom they had previously worked.

Building relationships through social media is one of the most scalable methods. However, loving everyone’s comments on your posts will not help you achieve this goal. Respond with a polite comment to go the additional mile 

As many DMs as you possibly can. Cold leads are DMs. You’re putting out stuff for an audience you don’t know. That’s a big part of social media marketing. Once they’re in your DMs, however, you have the opportunity to learn more about them and deliver the perfect match.

Put more effort into digital marketing.

Apart from their hectic schedules, most people nowadays choose to search the internet for real estate listings that meet their needs. They can shortlist appropriate properties based on budget, accommodation, and proximity to basic utilities using the internet’s various real estate platforms.

If you’re still cold calling, hanging flyers, or posting ads on neighbourhood bulletin boards, you’re missing out on a big number of potential customers. Traditional marketing has been replaced by digital marketing, which is far more popular. 

Real estate agents will find it cost-effective. You may reach your target audience while leaving an attractive and lasting impression with the help of a real estate digital marketing agency.

Author BIO – Shiv Gupta is the Founder and Head of Growth at Incrementors. Incrementors is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency that helps clients to grow their business online by generating more traffic, leads, and sales. Incrementors specializes in providing customized, tailored online marketing solutions highly specific to the needs of the clients.

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